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Site Policy

Tench Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tenchi") manages and administers this website "" (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). In the use of this website, please confirm the following articles. In addition, Tenchi considers that you agree "Website Terms of Use" when you use this website. The copyright of contents includes information, documents, images, sounds, and sentences in this website belongs to Tenchi or the supplier of the contents. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, repost, or use the content of the Site for public or commercial purposes without written permission of Tenchi except for the personal use or the approved use by Copyright Act.

About linking and the mention of the URL

When you link to this website, please observe the following conditions.

* Please linkto the top page "" as a general rule.
* When you hope link to this website, please contact us at
* Tenchi is not responsible for compensation, a complaint related to the setting of the link.

Tenchi prohibits linking from the following categories of websites. In addition, we will judge by our own standard in case an objection occurs whether it falls under follows.

* The websites including contents which intented slander or losing trust of Tenchi, other companies (persons), or the other groups.
* The act or the websites which violate the copyright, the intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, property, privacy or a right of publicity of Tenchi, other companies (persons), or the other groups,
* The websites that might interfere with the administration of this website
* The websiteds that is violating laws, public order and morals, and/or each above conditions.

About security

Tenchi uses code communications technology called "SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)" to have a visitor use communication safely on the Internet to prevnt the personal information of the visitor from being read by the outsiders.
SSL is structure to protect communication on the Internet by the cross-certification that adopt a digital signature and coding communication. When visitors transmit credit card information or personal information to a server, it is coded by this SSL and prevents it from leakage of the personal information of the visitor by outsiders.
It is not necessary to do special setting in a browser on using SSL.
In addition, there is the case that you cannot set by the browser of old version, please understand it beforehand.

We don't guarantee about safety or contents of enterprises or personal website which link to this website, and we do not intend to recommend enterprises or personal websites which link to this website by setting such a link. Please use or read websites which are linked from this website after confirming contents, use conditions and so on of these web sites, when you access to them.

Use environment

You can use this website comfortably when you apply Internet Explorer as more than ver. 6.0.

About plug in

* A style sheet
In this website, it consists of style sheet. If you use the browser which doesn't process it, It is possible that this site will not be displayed correctly.


* Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, we assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained in this Web site or the operation of the Web site

* As for the contents of this website and the URL, it is possible to be canceled or changed without a notice. Please understand it beforehand.

For whatever reason, we will not take responsibility about changes of information, a interruptions management of this website, or damage which is occurred by these interruptions.

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