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Wrapping Machines

You can trust our Wrapping Machines.
Connecting corresponding Auto-Feeding Machines to Wrapping Machines makes the efficiency and laborsaving in production a reality.

Twist Wrapping Machines Twist Wrapping Machines
Fold Wrapping Machines Fold Wrapping Machines
Overwrapping Machines Overwrapping Machines
Pillow Wrapping Machines Pillow Wrapping Machines
Cartoning Machines Cartoning Machines

Food Processing Machines

Tenchi Food Processing Machines enable you to make your work more efficient. There are two types of semi-automatic machines; one which applies cream between biscuits and crackers, and the other which applies dried-lavers to rice crackers and other materials.

Dried Laver Applying Machines Dried Laver Applying Machines
Creaming Machines Creaming Machine


Connectable not only to Tenchi Wrapping machines but also other makers' machines. Confectioneries such as candies, chocolates, biscuits, and rice crackers, and foodstuff such as salamis and cheese, and medical products can be applied.

Automatic Feeding Machines Automatic Feeding Machines

Custom-made Machines

We are developing unique machines and lines.
We will design a specific machine or line to meet your product planning.

Custom-made Machines Custom-made Machines
Wrapping Machines Processing Machines Food Auto-Feeders Custom-made Machines
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