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Greeting & An origin of a company name

Tenchi is addressing ¡Èthe true needs that the industrial society expects¡É.

Thanks to our customers,¡¡over half a century has elapsed since our company was established, and our story is part of the history of our industry. During this time, we have always been considering the needs of the market an important factor governing our business activities, and we have always been concentrating on developing good products and selling them.
Consequently, over 1,000 companies have brought TENCHI automatic packaging machines into their factories. We also export our products to many overseas companies. Our machines are used in about 45 countries in Europe and the United States, Asia and Australia. Thus we take pride in the fact that our company policies have been recognized by many companies and certified by their purchase of our products. We would like to heartily express our gratitude for your understanding and trust through continued business with us.
With the changes in domestic and overseas situations, the industrial world and its companies are exploring new corporate strategies. In today's world, especially considering the revolutionary wave of information technology prevailing in the globe, the big issue is "how to supply by utilizing the valuable knowledge" rather than "simply how to make something effectively". For that reason, we are upgrading our infrastructure as a knowledge company that makes full use of the internet, information technology and valuable information, and we are extending our activities solving problems facing industrial society one by one.
The development of new and powerful machines which key concept is energy and resource saving was highly acclaimed among manufacturers, and we are demonstrating our uniqueness and originality and working on our corporate activities as a well-integrated group to pursue true needs of future industrial society.
We will appreciate your further help and encouragement.

An origin of a company name [ TENCHI ]

Nature means the sun and the earth.
We make good use of a blessing given from the sun and the earth.

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