Tenchi Factory Tour

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Tenchi Factory Tour

Welcome to Tenchi's factory!
We manufacture original machines, as well as machines
that meet our customer's needs.
Our factory follows five ideals of organization,
orderliness, cleanliness, sanitation and discipline.
Please take a look at the factory below.

Manufacturing Process


Completed Tenchi Machines are shipped paying attention to safety under the cooperation by a trucking company. Precision equipments and covers are dismounted and packed separately, and loaded on a truck carefully. Tenchi's machines are delivered to you with care in this way.

Wrapping Machines Processing Machines Food Auto-Feeders Custom-made Machines
Tenchi Factory Tour
Tenchi Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Tenchi Kikai Co., Inc.

4-5 Kubo, Kaizuka city,
Osaka 597-0031 Japan
TEL : 81-72-428-0077
Fax : 81-72-428-0321

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